Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Remember to embrace life's simple indulgences... treat yourself as good as you treat your friends with out any guilt. You deserve it! And what's keeping you from being good to yourself?? Linger in bed for a few extra moments, enjoy that feeling of laziness. Treat yourself to your favorite food - even dieters and health conscious readers can afford to indulge themselves to that piece of chocolate or slice of pizza every once in a while. It really won't hurt you...

Play, Play, Play and in case I forgot to tell you ummm... PLAY! Don't be so serious all the time, embrace your inner child... run under a sprinkler, splash thru a puddle, chase a butterfly, giggle and laugh, sing out loud, dance like a fool, spin around in circles,close your eyes and face the breeze.

Get excited about something - don't worry about pretenses and just let go! My God we're a bunch of uptight fools sometimes... Why? What do we have to prove? Why do we care what people think about us? I get excited about birthdays (as we all now) and Christmas and baseball in a few weeks and hell, even a good tv show or a fabulous book! When did we lose that childish exuberance? get it back... it's what keeps us young!

Laugh out loud... Live out loud -I use to try to tone down my laugh because it's so loud and boisterous... (hell , I'm loud and boisterous even when I'm not laughing...LOL I admit it) But then I realized that I wasn't laughing as much any more and realized what a waste of precious moments that was ... Now.... I laugh when I want to, and I don't hold it back at all - and it feels GORGEOUS!

So I dare you to cut and paste the line below and hang it on your computer. Use it to remind yourself as you sit there day after day that you need to lighten up, and enjoy & love your life - we only take this ride once - throw your hands up in the air and enjoy every moment of it!

Embrace indulgence~Play, Play, Play~Get EXCITED~Laugh out LOUD~Love your life!!! ~Stacey

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