Monday, February 20, 2012

and ohhh what a Wedding weekend it was...

Went back to PA this weekend or my daughters wedding and it was fantastic. I will write a longer blog on it tomorrow but first let me just say... I MOVED THE DAMN LAPTOP!!! If you don't remember click here for my post on it. It was good for a couple of weeks and then tonight i picked it up & BAM, the charger signal cut out and can't be found again. SON OF A BITCH!! Ok - with that out of my system...

So my daughters wedding... so many great family members and friends. My dad and her father walked her down the isle 
which was quite fitting, since my Pop's has been more of a father to her in the last 13 years than her own father ever was. It was so beautiful and she kept it under budget.

 It was casual and relaxed but still on point as a wedding with place cards, dances and cake cutting etc. Family and friends (and me - ziti yum) provided the food and we had beer and wine and champagne.

The centerpieces... these were all Kelly - aren't they gorgeous?

 Kelly made all the decorations, I made all the wedding flowers, and we had it at the Clubhouse in the development she lives in.

Here I am with the bride and her 2 best friends - my otha kids lol you can also see the flowers here too.

Just a quickie for now - I will write the whole blog tomorrow with some more pictures. Beautiful, touching, intimate and filled with love. Can't ask for much more at a wedding.

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