Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let's try something new…

I have had my laptop now for almost 2 years. I got it in December of 2009 and am just now discovering the Windows Live Writer program on it. So this is a simple test of what it will be like to use windows writer to write my blog and add pictures, instead of directly using blogger.
First off – I am totally digging the picture options –I can enter a whole album of pics and show them to you scattered, like above or in a line across the top. Or in about 6 other ways. Nice!
Map picture
I can insert maps too. Here’s a bird’s eye view of the tiny little Lewes beach I love to go to –The one that’s almost private, never crowded and on the inlet so the waves don’t kill ya! The pictures from the photo album above were taken at this beach.
Ok so far I am loving this. I’m going to play some more and then do an actual blog blog with this.
So cool! (yes i am such a nerd LOL)

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