Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just ramblin' on...

Ok - so when i am sewing, I always have the radio on. Which means I get to hear a lot of songs I then fall in love with. Here are some of them...

 By the way, since the Voice I have become a huge Adam Levine fan... He is positively lickable.  And there are some sexy ass lyrics in this song... 'Take me by the tongue and I'll know you'  HELLO!!!  "I don't need to try to control you, Look into my eyes and I'll own you"... uh yes please! Reminds me of someone I use to sleep with, date, every damn time I hear that line. And before you ask... Yes, yes he did!

Love this song, love her need to buy this cd.  How many times can you say that when someone you're with puts their arms around you you feel like you're home. It's what everyone wants, I think. I know it's what I want...again.
She also sang Jar of Hearts which I loved!

 Matt Nathanson - this dude is having some BANGING sex. Listen to this song. I want a man to sing this song to me and mean it... Another song of his that's really pure sex is 'Higher'. I do enjoy him a lot.

and funally for all or any of you old heads out there reading me... this one brings back soooo many memories. Kashmir! that's all I need to say...


  1. I adore adore the songs that you picked. Christina Perri's debut album is an absolute addiction for me. It is amazing. Saw her live in Philly (her hometown) not long ago and she blew me away.

    Um...I think you have seen my sexy musicians and my ramblings about how sexy I think Adam is. The Maroon 5 lyrics are beyond sexy too. I can't stand it. Him, his songs, and his lyrics show up on a lot of my "sexiest" lists. I adore Matt Nathanson as well. I hadn't heard this song yet though...woah daddy! And that cocky smirk...mmm. Yup, gonna have to download that song! :) Thanks for cheering me up...even if it wasn't intentional.

  2. me cheering you up is always a plus!Did not know that Christina Perri was from Philly... now tho i can see it. Also yes I do remember your thoughts on Adam... now I get it! LOL Hope the smile stays on your face and your unhappiness is simply being back from vacation blues. xoxo