Monday, July 18, 2011

I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one...

Like that blog title?   ha - a little Jay Z in the hizzzzous... 

This pretty much says it all... Can't sleep...don't ask me! 3:48 am and I am up writing a blog. Not because i was driven from my sleep by anything I had to put down on paper(so to speak) but because I haven't been to sleep yet. I tried - went to bed at 1am exhausted. hell I was exhausted at the beach today. So relaxed all I wanted to do was curl up on the sand and sleep.

Meanwhile, laying beside me, hogging the fan and bed space, is Jack.

Now before you preach - i have no problem letting my dog sleep with me... I do have a problem with him hogging the covers, the fan and with the fact that he sleeps like a baby while I toss and turn like a raw nerve.

So i get up, take some mucinex and antihistamines, almost fall asleep at my kitchen table, and then I blog. Hi! whatcha doing? you sleeping?? damn it!.

I am a little stressed... my cell phone died an untimely death today. I took out the battery to charge it in kelly's lithium universal charger, and something happened. The phone won't recognize the battery now. it keeps telling me to use a genuine battery (wtf) and then it powers itself down. charged or not nothing is working. So i had the option of paying for a new battery - running the risk of it being the phones issue, Or I could order a free replacement phone comparable to mine but not the same one.

I ordered the new phone. I think my old one may have baked after 2 days at the beach. and NO it did not get wet. So no phone until Wednesday. House phone doesn't work... wire issues. Did i purchase the wire plan? No... does anyone? I went on and added it to my account on Thursday but need to wait a month or so before I call them to come out and fix it.

Don't like the idea of no phone in case of emergency - so now i need to go buy a burn phone.. oops I watch too many cop shows. I need to buy a cheapy pre-paid phone.So i can use it for 2 days. OY

Add to that the fact that my kitchen faucet sprung a leak. Not a drip from the faucet.. not a leak from the connection. Nooooo an actual leak - 4 pinholes where the faucet bends that have been worn there by time.
So when I turn on my kitchen sink it looks something liek this...
Only from the actual faucet -
See that red circle above in the picture? Right in the center of the circle is where the leaks are. Friggin squirting all over everything every time I turn it on.(LMAO just reread that sentence... giggling like a 12 year old boy.  such a dirty mind i have)

Anyway - i went and bought plumber's tape. didn't work. So I went and bought a brand new faucet. 30 bucks - not bad right?? Exact same as the original cause I ain't no plumber and I have no idea what I am doing.

Yeah ok now I get it... install it like this pic. No Problem. Jeesh! This is when I wish I had a man in my life. i am not so liberated that I wouldn't like to have a boyfriend specifically for this reason. So that I could tell him..."Honey - it broke - fix please" I mean for sex too and friendship and blah blah blah but fixing things would be really good.

I think my friend (with out benefits), Kent, would appreciate that as well. 

That is why we call him McGyver and I bet if he was down here, he would have fixed the damn faucet with a piece of gum, a ballpoint pen and a clothes pin or something. 

He's probably like - "Jesus woman - get a yourself a man to do this shit for you - i ain't sleeping with ya so whats my payback!" LOL Tho i did take him out for a big steak dinner. When I get more money I'll do something fun for him to pay him back for helping me so much. Of course he is a true, loved and treasured friend so he expects nothing for helping me - but still...

I know, i know "quit yer bitchin, you live at the beach" Not really bitching, more venting. And on that note...

The antihistamines are kicking in and I may actually be able to sleep now! Off I go to dream sweet dreams and hopefully enjoy the full air flow from my fan. No dog hair included! Thanks for listening! ~S


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