Sunday, May 29, 2011

wine and song

Feeling a bit introspective tonight. A good introspective tho, the smile, remember, and breathe deeply kind of introspection we all need a lot of. Listening to music on youtube and drinking a glass of wine. (Barefoot Reisling ice cold - my new fave) Change is in the air and it's Fabulous but friends beckon and pull at my soul.

Sometimes, maybe more then sometimes, you can remember the past and appreciate it so much more in the present. You can realize that the people and the places and the tears and the laughter have brought you where you stand.

I've usually split my life in 2 parts, pre and post divorce. When ever I wondered if I had made the right move, the right decision, I've always known I did. The people i've met, the friends i made after i left my husband and moved to west chester, have been so diverse. Each one shining a light on the prism that is me. They love, and hold up and pick up and stand by me. They lean on me and let me lean on them. They make me laugh and cry and miss them, even tho I know they are always only a phone call away.

I know that what I have learned from those I have been lucky enough to surround myself with, will stay with me forever. And while some are across the country and others right next door, it's the love I feel from them each day that makes me who I am. The unspoken bonds of true friends are strong and unbending.

To all of them, to all of you, You turned me into somebody loved!

~Thanks to Aimee for showing me this one, and so many others...

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