Friday, February 4, 2011

Come with me as we wander...

There are so many things I want to write about but  can't seem to get them to gel in my mind or on my keyboard so today I will ramble. Think of it as a meandering path thru my thoughts, likes, & needs. It'll be random. It'll be fun! Really! Come on, get off your ass and meander down the path with me. (I'll add lots of pretty pictures for you to look at)

~~I love this ring! Not that I ever plan on getting married again. I mean really why bother? I am 47 and can't have kids. While I do see myself in a committed relationship down the road, I would be happy with just an engagement ring and no wedding. I saw this ring years ago while I was on a trip to New York city with a man I loved. Fabulous man, fabulous trip and then this ring - it was at the Trump Towers I think. Trump something any way - and we had gone in to escape the 5 degree weather that was NYC that January.
I've always wanted an Emerald and being non -traditional this would be the ring I would want. It makes this Irish girls heart sing!

~~Have you all heard about 13 year old Nadin Khoury from Upper Darby, PA? He was beaten up and bullied by 7 bigger, older boys and it was caught on tape. He has spoken out and been so brave to do that. Recently he was on the View and I just fell in love with his strong, brave, little face. Such a horrible thing to have happen and bless him for speaking out about it to help others going thru the same thing. While on the View his hero - Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson and 2 other teammates,Todd Herremans and Jamaal Jackson surprised him by coming out to meet him. Here's the video - grab a tissue! Watch Nadin's little face, so strong then such a child... meeting his hero.

FYI - I have the ad portion disabled, so it takes a little while to load the View segment. and a message comes up that says the ad won't load. Just hang tight and wait - the View segment will play. Thanks for your patience and believe me - it is worth it!

So so proud of My Eagles!! This is what you should use your fame to do!

~~I am a huge NCIS fan. HUGE and I loved the story line that had Gibbs dating Lt Col Mann. On one of the shows, where she thought he was leaving her, she said this line - well a few actually, that just rocked me. Every time I see it it makes want to write it down and i finally found it.
 "Don't say anything. Not that you ever do anyway, but you know what, I am gonna say something. You're making a mistake. You're gonna wake up in a week or a month and you're gonna realise that you threw away something good, and it's gonna be too late. You know, I realise that there are three billion men in the world and they don't all have to want me, but you should want me. The fact that you don't, it just makes me wonder why I ever wanted you in the first place." 

It rings so true in my life - especially over the last several months, while I was trying to get my heart back in one piece after the ending of whatever it was I had with John. In Lt Mann's case, he wasn't leaving her... In my case, he never woke up and realized he was throwing something good away which makes me wonder why I cared... C'est la Vie.

~~This is the our signature drink for the Oscars Beach Weekend we have coming up at the end of February.
Champagne, triple sec, pomegranate juice and fresh raspberries... I'll be doing a blog later on about that tradition. Needless to say it's a weekend filled with friends, fun, food and drinks. Something we've done for over 10 years now and I am counting the days until we are there!

~~Here's what I am drinking now!! (not right now but in general now lol)Bully Hill Winery's Growers Red. It's sweet for a red wine but so so good and it seems to be my wine of choice lately. 
Every time I have a glass I think of my wonderful friends Vern and Jeff. I've known them both forever, Vern first and then, once they started dating, Jeff became a part of the family. Now they are hubbies, in every sense but the legal sense. Jeff lives in New York State so they have introduced me to some fantastic wines from vineyards up that way... Bully Hill and Hazlitt, Here they are...
Just look at those handsome men! They will be with us down at the Oscar's weekend and I can't wait to see them and catch up! MWAH!

~~The kid went out and bought us Big Joe wine glasses. Like on Cougar town... if you haven't seen it here's a little clip that will clue you in

So funny and so worth watching if you aren't watching it yet. Wednesday's at 9:30. Here's what my Big Joe looks like...

~~So we've reached the end of the path and our meandering is done. Just some things that have been on my mind or in my life lately. This winter's been ugly and cold and snowy and icy and I have cabin fever... so of course the mind wanders all over the place. I will leave you with a quote and a dream picture I use to snap me out of my cold weather "where the hells the sun" funks. 

“Live, laugh and love out loud! Who cares what others think if you are happy within yourself! Remember, everyone deserves happiness. You just can't expect to have it handed to you. It's something that you must find for yourself.”~Stacey Charter


  1. alright...I have to come back and finish reading this after I get back from a party...but I stopped by before heading out cause you know I love ya...and had to see what was up in your world and DAMN IT! You made me freaking cry with my makeup all done!!!!!

    My cousin goes to Upper Darby and is a freshman there and knows this boy. I am proud to say she is friends with him and has stood by him through this. I am horrified by what happened to him but he is a sweet, caring, and strong little man and I hadn't seen this yet. What an awesome city, team, and community we have!!

    That being said...balls to you for making me cry and ruin my gorgeous face. Gonna go do damage control. I'll be back!

  2. Yay jewels is going to a party! I warned ya to have a tissue... LOL. Hope you are having fun and sorry you had to touch up. BUT tears make your eyes brighter so it's a win/win!

  3. Great meander thank you for taking me along.