Thursday, January 27, 2011

new post delayed on account of snow

17 inches in my lovely little Pennsylvania town...Will write an actual blog post later but just wanted to share!
See if you can find my white Anatolian shepherd, jack in this picture. It's "Where's Waldo" without the striped sweater!


  1. tons of fun in the snow today with the kids...any excuse to pelt them with hard round objects works for me. Epic snowball fight 3 vs 1...and I still took them out! hahaha.

  2. Maybe a better comment is cold. Really, really cold. Those are amazing pictures. The leash to the dog helps.

  3. LOL jewels - i wondered if you made it to your job. Sounds like fun and therapy all in one!

    Ruth - thanks this camera takes some great shots!! -cold is right - but actually from the 5 degrees it was it was warm at 31. LOL