Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I love my bed...

I love my bed. I have come to that conclusion after spending the better part of today in it. The cold I had weeks ago is still hanging around, like an annoying drunk that keeps hitting on you in a bar.Ugh go away , yay it's gone, damn it it's back. I think it's turned into a sinus and ear infection, if the pain in my head and the fever I am running, is any indication. But since I am still unemployed and because of that, uninsured, I can't afford a Doctors visit. See this is probably why my mom always told me to marry a Doctor.

So today, I spent the day in bed and it was glorious. I truly do love my bed. It's old as hell, I can't even remember where I got it to tell you the truth. I think it was from the beach house when mom and dad replaced  the cheap beds with pillow tops. Or possibly an extra from the farm. It's a double or full, which can be inconvenient - especially when sharing it with (a man over 6 foot) a 65 lb dog and two cats. Sometimes all at the same time, (just the animals - not the over 6 ft man )which is always interesting and quite possibly the beginning of world war 3. 

Living with my daughter again, I find the need for quiet and my bedroom is my sanctuary. My bed my oasis. I write in it, read in it, talk on the phone... I used to watch tv but comcast sucks and there's something wrong with the mini digital box in my room now so...

My bed is my boat on the ocean - and with my feather bed on top of it all fluffed up, I think pretty damn comfortable. But then I slept on a sofa bed in a one bedroom apartment for 2 years(the kid got the bedroom deservedly so) when we went underground to hide from the stalker. So park benches feel comfortable after that.

Eventually, when I have some extra money, which with any luck and a lot of praying will be soon, I am getting a queen sz bed. An Adult bed I guess. Which means more room for the dog, the cats and an emotionally and legally available, snuggle loving,fun as hell,handsome, over 6 foot... ok over 5'9" tall man. Hey, everybody needs a goal.

PS: I have taken a pledge to write a blog everyday. Today it's about my bed. They can't all be literary masterpieces.That is all. 


  1. That's pretty funny. Chef always tells the kids he used to think of his bed as a boat. I have that same lingering cold which sucks! However I never had any drunks in a bar bother me :(

  2. LOL Thanks! and I am betting they didn't bother you cause you are from Jersey...They knew better! xoxo

  3. I can't wait for a blog post a day from you! :-)
    Feel better soon!

  4. Thanks Jewels!! I am excited about doing it - have a list of ideas and am setting them up so it's not such a struggle. Well, it's only a struggle cause I make it one. I am slowly getting into the groove of simply letting go and just writing. I find, like you, i miss it when I don't do it.

  5. Nice room! Sorry you are not able to watch TV there. I work for Comcast. You can contact our team if you need further assistance on the broken cable box. We're here to help! :)

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations