Thursday, September 2, 2010

ok so here's what I've been doing...

I wish i could say it was an exotic vacation that has kept me from writing a new blog. Or an exotic man, LOL = ) but alas , nothing as fun as either of those possibilities. Crunch time w/ the sports jersey's i do on the side for my friend. Here's what i have been working on at home and the shop for the past week...
 Eagles 1960 throwback jerseys! See that name Plate that says anyname?? Yep that's what I have been sewing. Along with numbers for the regular jerseys. These throwbacks are gorgeous by the way - hope you'll keep checking back for new posts. I promise one is coming up soon. Working on "30 things i learned the hard way" and "Embrace your life today... don't wait for if only's"

Make today Fantastic! ~Stacey

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